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J.c Corporation Inc (aka jc, JcCorp, JcCorpInc) is a DBA company registered in the State of California.  JcCorp is a holding company for online eCommerce sites – Home Decor, Gifts, and more.  The eCommerce website ( is under construction; the target launch date is Fall of 2014. is also prepared to receive items for sale.  The two other e-commerce market sectors which we are entertaining are Furniture and Medical Supplies.  We are open for suggestions and ideas that will attract people.
JcCorp will support and monitor its ecommerce companies providing unique and elegant items to the websites.  We hope that the items which we will represent will be liking to the taste of many people.  Our hopes is that our product will reflect who we are as company and will be branded by the clients who will frequent us.
JcCorp in addition to eCommerce offers consultation for taking a personal-preference inventory and develop the conceived desire and ideas to actual business plans, setting up IT infrastructure, coaching, and provide on-going support.  Because we are also “normal” folks who desired to buy into the American dream of a small business owner, we have gone down that road and are willing to help others too. Follow J.c Corp on Social Media:Facebook | Twitter | Google + | Pinterest | Blogger | Tumbler | StumbleUpon  

“The Elite eCommerce for Home Decor and Gifts”silverteapot